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x-essays-com-review Review

Writers:1.1 out of 5 stars (1.1 / 5)
Company Trust:1 out of 5 stars (1.0 / 5)
Price:1.1 out of 5 stars (1.1 / 5)
Quality:1.1 out of 5 stars (1.1 / 5)
Customer Support:1.1 out of 5 stars (1.1 / 5)

As a student, you will surely have a lot to handle everything from school, college or university, and chores from your house. It is hard to find help for your burdening essays, someone who can write according to the requirements. So students look for essay writing services that are authentic and are capable of writing on any topic assigned by you.

There are very few original writing services and work for your best, but most of them are only looking for ways to earn money. But do not give good quality of the work which is important for a college or university essay. Academic writings have rules that must be strictly followed, and plagiarism is strictly not allowed in them, and this is what students expect from the writers who work in the services. The issue is that the essay services that do not serve the students’ rights should not charge them as their services are not up to a point. So our team of expert writers have decided to do a review of to check out that if they are giving their services properly or students are being fooled only and losing their academic progress.


The claims to never re-use or resale the writing they provide to the students. But when we did a good review of the service, they were actually using already written paper to the other person of our team who had the same topic. As we all know that using the same paper is allowed, and it will be known as plagiarism, it should not be done. It is very disappointing to see such results from this service.

Editor Check

We assigned an essay paper to the writer in this service to proofread, but it was not like it should be. The paper was not checked properly, and we found a lot of things that were remaining for proofreading.


The premium services charge extra fees, but they have the same services as the normal ones. There is no point in making it premium; it is a way to make money only. Students are wasting their money if the services are not provided as they should be provided. It is a waste of both money and time.


Being on time to provide for your customers at the right time is very important. Every minute is important for a student as they have to do many things along with the studies; that is why they trust the writing services to help them out on time. But lacked in this is too, they were not providing any service on-time. The delivery was late, and the revision they provided was also late, which crossed the deadline we provided them.

Free Bibliography

This is one more area where this service disappointed us. The bibliography that they provided us was not free of cost, and they added extra fees with the essay charges.

Free Revisions

It is just written, not applicable. All the revisions they are offering are paid, and the worst thing is that they do not treat students well when they come back with the issues in essays and ask for revision. They even do not attain their chats. This behaviour with students who are already very disturbed with the paper makes them helpless.


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